Runny nose
Mohd. Irfan B. Mohd Shah, 16 years old, Negeri Sembilan

I was always suffering from runny nose and sneezing. This may be due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of my nose. I was facing the problems of pimples on my face as well. After taking propolis, the problem of runny nose and the pimples have reduced.

Cold and headache
Soo Chok Ching, 30 years old, manager, Johor
Since few years ago, I suffered from cold and sneezing almost everyday. Besides that, I was always bothered by headache. I had to take herbs or medicines to relieve it. After taking propolis (each time 3 每 5 drops, 1 每 2 times daily), I found that I am getting healthier. Now, I seldom catch cold and suffer from headache!

Allergic to dust
Ms. Soo, 33 years old, secretary, Johor
I suffered from nasal allergy since several years ago, especially to dust. As a result, I was always sneezing and facing the problems of nasal obstruction. After taking propolis for 1 month (4 drops daily), my condition has improved.

Chronic diseases
Norani Bt Abdullah, 56 years old, teacher, K. L.
I have been suffering from weak heart, hypertension and diabetes for 15 years and had been hospitalized a couple of times. Within 2 weeks of taking propolis my chest pain gradually recovered. The headaches disappeared too. My body became lighter and has frequent bowel movements. After 2 months, test results showed that I have recovered from hypertension and diabetes. Knee pain and numbness have also totally disappeared.

Gum swollen
Soo Lee Chen, 25 years old, Klang

Previously, I had to take synthetic antibiotic to recover from swollen gum. Otherwise, it would become more serious until I was unable to chew food for 1 week. Recently, I dripped propolis onto the swollen gum (each time 3 每 5 drops, 5 times daily). I found that it was not getting serious and gradually improved. After 3 days, I recovered totally!

Mos quito bites
Lee Yoke Wah, 36 years old, restaurant supervisor, Klang
My seven-year-old daughter always suffers from mosquito bites and scratches her skin because of itchiness. This result in wound and bleeding. I applied propolis on her skin. The itchiness disappeared and she didn*t scratch it anymore! The next day, the wound has started to heal.

Prostate cancer
Chen Chun Liang, 72 years old, Taiwan
Two years ago, I was facing difficulty in urinating. The diagnosis showed that I have prostate cancer and might be able to live for only one year. After radiation therapy, I suffered from frequent urination and bloody urine, weak physical strength, poor appetite and getting thinner. I started to take propolis 3 times daily (each time 10 drops). After 10 days, my condition has improved. After 1 month, I regained my appetite and energy, the problem of bloody urine has disappeared and the tumor has become smaller. After 6 months, cancer has totally gone! Thanks propolis!

Gastric ulcer
Yong Sep Chin, female, 59 years old, Klang

In mid June, 2005, I was admitted to the hospital due to severe gastric pain. The endoscopy diagnosis showed that I had serious gastric ulcers and there was a lot of ※wound§ on the stomach wall. I started to take propolis 3 times daily (each time 3 每 5 drops). After 6 weeks, the diagnosis showed that I have recovered from the gastric ulcers and wound. What an amazing Vod谷 Propolis!


Mariani Binti Mamat, 43 yrs, Kelantan

I suffered from back pain, legs ache and uterus problem. I was even hospitalized for 10 days due to back pain. I have been taking painkiller for a year and undergo physiotherapy every week for my back. Since Fe b 2006, I started to drink Alka Plus water, Vod 谷 Propolis (4-5 drops each time, 2 times daily) and a cap of Vod 谷 BioAge daily. Now, I have more radiant complexion, looked younger and full of vitality. It could be regarded that I have regained 99.99% of my health!

Gall bladder cancer
Wang Siew Lin, 34 years old, Taiwan
I was admitted to the hospital due to severe stomach pain. The diagnosis showed that I have gall bladder cancer. After chemotherapy, I was suffering from serious nausea, tiredness, hair loss and getting thinner. My colleague recommended propolis to me because it has cured her aunt*s uterus cancer. I took propolis 5-6 times daily (each time 20 drops). After 2 months, the cancer has become smaller. For another 2 months, the size of cancerous tissue has reduced in half, the side effects have lessened and I regained my energy. After 6 months, the cancer almost disappeared totally!

Pancreas cancer
Chen Chong Wei , 48 years old, Taiwan

I suffered from severe stomach pain, losing weight rapidly and have jaundice symptom on my face. Diagnosis showed that I had pancreas cancer 每 high risk of death. Besides operation, I also depended on anti-cancer drug and radiotherapy. The side effects were such an agony! My wife started giving me propolis 4 times daily (each time 30 drops). After 2 months, the side effects have lessened and I gradually regained energy. After about 3 months, cancerous tissue had only remained two third of its original size. After four months, it became smaller. Now I have been discharged from the hospital.

Kidney cancer
Chuang Chang Yan, 46 years old, Taiwan
Anti-cancer drug caused me my appetite, lack of strength, nausea, hair loss as well as back pain and numbness. I started taking propolis 5 times daily (each time 20 drops). After 45 days of taking propolis, my body strength and appetite has improved. Later, hair loss reduced and back pain has relieved. The tumor disappeared totally after 8 months!

Liver cancer
Wei Chuan Chuan, 42 years old, Taiwan
I was feeble, losing appetite and weight, constipation and my eyes became ※yellowish§. The diagnosis showed that I 3cm-5cm of cancerous cell in my liver. The treatment was successful. Yet, after 1 year, the liver cancer relapsed. I started taking propolis. I also took propolis during the day of operation and after discharged from the hospital. Until now, it*s been more than 1 year. Not only the cancer did not reoccur, I also seldom catch cold and have better appetite. I feel that I am much healthier than before.

Lung cancer (5 cm)
An Tian Rong, 37 years old, Taiwan
I was getting tired easily, lack of appetite, losing weight, cough unceasingly, chest pain during the night and even had bloody phlegm. The diagnosis showed that I had lung cancer (5cm) and was not allowed for operation. I underwent radiotherapy. Yet, there was no marked improvement after 6 months. My aunt asked me to take Propolis 4 times daily (each time 30 drops). After 2 weeks, I regained energy gradually. Later, I no longer have bloody phlegm. For another 2 months, the cancerous cell has shrunk to 1.5 inches. My doctor wondered how the cancer shrunk in such a short period of time. I knew that this is effect of taking propolis! After 3 months, the cancer has totally disappeared!