Super Duper Electric Slicer

Quick . Easy . Healthy

Super Duper Electric Slicer use advance Japanese technology and is US patented # 5,445, 332. This machine has 7 slicer blades to slice food to various shapes, sizes and thickness. It is fast, simple, hygienic and able to retain the freshness of the food. You may also learn to enjoy preparing food. Preparing salad, popiah and chips?Whether you are a professional chef or just a simple house wife, Super Duper Slicer is definitely your best helper!


Fast, Simple, hygienic, let's bring joy in your kitchen!!

Housewife's dilemma :

o Often running out of ideas on what to cook for the family.

o Complaints on the monotonous & unappetizing food served.

o Limited time and energy to prepare a variety of food daily.

o Want to prepare more food but at same time trying to limit calories intake.

o Children who are picky on food, especially vegetables.

o Light
o Electrically operated
o Easy to install
o Professional cutting performance
o Ultra-Sharp Long Life Blade
o Stain and Rust Proof
o Easy to clean






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