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Water can provide health and it can also cause diseases…
Depending on your choice!

1. What are the specialities of WATERS mineral pot?

i. It had 5 super functions: purification, sterilization, activation, mineralization and magnetization.
ii. Full of well balanced minerals.
iii. Refreshing and taste good.
iv. Alkalescent - neutralize acidic body and prevents diseases.
v. Rich in oxygen - improves blood circulation and enhances detoxification process.
vi. Reliable, portable, multi-purpose, economical and proven quality.
vii. 'Open processing system' enables you to see the freshness of the water before drinking.

2. Why WATERS mineral alkaline water has curative effect?

i. Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Pauling says that lack of minerals and trace elements is the cause of all diseases.
ii. A Japanese cancer specialist and hematologist, Prof. Morishita Satoshi Kazuhiro says that human must drink alkaline mineral water, especially cancer patients.
iii. Diseases that related to lack of minerals are diabetes, kidney problems, skin diseases, skin allergy, oral inflammation, gall bladder stones, constipation, arthritis, gout, stroke, liver diseases, cancer, mental degradation, flu, arteriosclerosis, heart diseases…

3. Will an overdose occur if you drink mineral water everyday?

No. Human body will metabolize minerals every day. Beside this, those minerals that are not absorbed by the body will be eliminated through body fluid (urine and sweat). WATERS mineral water contain low minerals, only sufficient for replacement and to regulate the minerals balance in the body. It certainly will not cause an overdose.

4. Why R.O (Reverse Osmosis) water is not suitable for drinking?
    What are the adverse effects of acidic water to the body?

i. Although R.O water is clean, it is acidic and do not contain any mineral. (It can be proven through demonstration).
ii. Acidic water produces an acidic body. Acidic wastes that accumulated in the body will cause aging and various chronic diseases. Cells which live in acidic condition will easily deteriorate and may develope into cancerous cells. Healthy cells live in alkaline condition!