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The Secret of Alkaline Mineral Water
The life-giving water is God's gift. The human body constitutes 60% - 70% of water and its main functions includes the transportation of nutrients in our body, regulating of body temperature, etc. Obviously our health will be better if we drink good quality drinking water. A good quality drinking water should contains essential minerals, an alkaline level of pH 7.0 - 8.5, and must without pathogens, chemicals and heavy metals. In fact Waters Mineral Water is quality alkaline mineral water. Waters Mineral Water contains major and trace minerals and its alkalinity is suited for our blood pH level, which is around pH 7.4. Hence Waters Mineral Water is vital for our health.

Causes of diseases - acidic wastes
As a matter of fact healthy cells in our body is alkaline while cancerous cell is acidic. The accumulations of acidic wastes in our body will cause the aging of cells and the decrease of organ functions. Thereby bringing in premature aging and various adult diseases such as diabetes, kidney malfunction, hypertension and cancer. As people living in this age is exposed to contaminated water, food, air and also under stress their body will process much more acidic wastes. Slowly, our health will decline, and so do the emergence of various diseases.

Clinical tests had proven that pure water (reverse osmosis water or distilled water) is acidic. It does not contain any mineral. Therefore, they pose a threat to our health because they withdraw nutrients from our body, resulting the imbalance acidity of our blood by becoming more acidic. The potential health risks from long term consumption of pure water are possible increment of acidity in body fluids which will directly affects our health.

Mystic effects of life on Waters Mineral Water
There is a direct correlation between longevity and alkaline mineral water. Therefore, we should consume Waters Mineral Water ( pH 7.4) for our health. The Waters Mineral Water absorbed by our body will neutralize the acidic wastes and remove them through sweat or urine. That is why it had been known to help in the healing of many diseases. The mystic of Waters Mineral Water is to make human body recovers its pH balance and help to prevent chronic diseases and delay aging. The trace minerals in the mineral water is essential for our body and overall well being. Hence we not only advocate eating lots of vegetables and fruits but also drinking a lot of Waters Mineral Water.

The Dictionary of Health
Human blood pH 7.4
Quality drinking water pH 7.0 - 8.5*
> 20 types of essential minerals needed
- calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, selenium and manganese.

These minerals help to build stronger bones, teeth and muscle, maintain radiant skin, strong heart and slowdown the aging process.