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We always come across health and healthcare topics, but how many people really understand the real meaning of these terms?

Traditionally - Healthy is perceived as disease free. Actually, being healthy also includes the physical, mental and moral aspects. To ensure good health, we must shoulder the responsibility of managing our own health!

Our body consists of approximately 60 trillion cells. Being healthy means each cell is in a healthy and active condition to undergo normal metabolism process. Proper healthcare is ensuring that every cell is adequately supplied with sufficient fresh oxygen, good quality drinking water and 46 essential nutrients (can not be produced by the human body). Beside these, the psychological health, sufficient sleep and regular physical exercise are equally important.

Health problems are the consequences of long term effect of imbalance diet, improper lifestyle or drug abuse. Once we begin to feel discomfort, headache, insomnia or loss of appetite, we must be aware that these are the early signals on the emergence of diseases. Living in the 21st century, we should be alert of the importance of our own 'Health Management'!

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Attaining the right healthcare knowledge is the key to physical and mental health.