WATERS Alka Plus, Vod¨¦ BIOAGE and Vod¨¦ Fresh Royal Jelly
Mohd Noh Bin Mohd Tahir, 59 years old, Kuala Lumpur
Since aged 28, I had been suffering from piles and there was a growth on my right hand which became harder and bigger until the size of a duck's egg.

After drinking Alka Plus water for 6 months, 1 bottle of Vod¨¦ BIOAGE and Vod¨¦ Fresh Royal Jelly, the growth has shrunk and the piles have gone totally! Now, I am energetic like the young, think positively and enjoy doing charity. Thank you Mr. Yong for the advices. Alhamdulillah!

Nor Asikin Binti Bahari, 32 yrs old, Kelantan
I would suffer from severe headache (migraine) every time I go out and get exposed to sunlight. In 10 years of marriage, I had nine pregnancy yet all ended in miscarriage. From 2002 - 2006, I was unable to be pregnant even though I was healthy and fertile. After drinking Alka Plus water for one and a half month, I was verified to be pregnant! I am so exciting! After drinking for three months, the headache disappeared! Alhamdulillah!
Mohd Zlan Bin Hamid, 33 yrs, Selangor
I've been suffering from finger's joint pain, shoulders pain and hypertension (140/ 97 mmHg) since 5 - 6 years ago. After drinking Alka plus water for one month and a half, the pain has gradually disappeared and my blood pressure has reduced to a much more normal level (122/ 84 mmHg).
Siti Syaripah Mat Tamin, 43 years old, Selangor
I had been suffering from gastritis for the last ten years. If I took late meals or skipped breakfast, I used to have severe gastric attack and sometimes had to be hospitalized. When I started drinking Alka Plus water, I had a sudden and very bad attack with fever and vomiting and was admitted to the hospital. However, on the third day, I felt much better. Now, after 12 days of drinking Alka Plus water I am fine even if I have my meal late or missed it!
Abd Sarif Bin Abu Had, 53 yrs old, Selangor
I have been suffering from severe headache since 20 years ago. I also faced difficulties to sleep, to have bowel movement and urinate. After drinking Alka Plus water for 1 month, all the problems above disappeared and I feel so great!
Mohd Syawalluddin Bin Abd Sarif,
16 years old, Selangor

I suffered from sinusitis and severe sores on my face. As a result, my face has blue-black patches and it was itchy and oily. Sometimes, it caused pus and scars. After drinking Alka Plus water, the problems above have gradually disappeared. Now, my face looks cleaner and nicer. I'll continue to drink Alka Plus water in order to have a better complexion.

Mariani Binti Mamat, 43 yrs, Kelantan
I suffered from back pain, legs ache and uterus problem. I was even hospitalized for 10 days due to back pain. I have been taking painkiller for a year and undergo physiotherapy every week for my back. Since Fe b 2006, I started to drink Alka Plus water, Vod ¨¦ Propolis (4-5 drops each time, 2 times daily) and a cap of Vod ¨¦ BioAge daily. Now, I have more radiant complexion, looked younger and full of vitality. It could be regarded that I have regained 99.99% of my health!

Marizan Bt. Ramli, 24 yrs, Kelantan
I have the habit of drinking carbonated drinks and other sweet beverages throughout the day. As a result, I always suffered from dizziness, acidic body condition , lack of appetite and constipation. After drinking 10 bottles of Alka Plus water (1 bottle = 500 ml), I no longer suffer from th e se problems!

Shapurah Bt. Shamsudin, 41 yrs, Melaka
I suffered from the problems of constipation, knees and joints pain, as well as body pain. After drinking Alka Plus water, all the problems stated above starting to disappear. I feel healthy and happy!


Noorzali Bin Noordin, 51 yrs, K. L.
Since five years ago, I suffered from gout and had to take pain-killer and gout medicine. If it was serious, I had to take an injection to relieve pain. After drinking Alka Plus water, I found that it has improved gradually in 30 days. Now, it no longer bothers me!

Hussein Bin Mohd. Isa, 65 yrs, Rawang I had suffered from gastric for six months and had to take medicine daily to relieve the pain. Besides that, I had joints and back pain. After drinking 2 glasses of Alka Plus water, I started to feel better. Until now, I drink Alka Plus water daily and no longer need to take gastric medicine.

Fatimah Nor Binti Abdul Latif, 51 yrs, Selangor
Since 2003, I suffered from acute osteoarthritis in my left knee. I could only walk very slowly and had problems climbing stairs and bending my knees. I also had arthritis in my right elbow. It was so serious that I couldn¡¯t even raise a glass of water. After drinking Alka Plus water for 3 weeks, the pain pratically disappeared. Now the pain had totally gone. I become more active and nippy!

Mohd Zaki Bin Shaaban, 56 years old, Ipoh
I suffered from gout for nearly 20 years. The report from the hospital showed that the level of uric acid in my body was very high. Once I had to use a wheelchair to move around. Now I have drunk Alka Plus water for more than 4 months, the gout had disappeared and I enjoy doing anything that I like.
Hjh. Noor Aini Abd. Hamid, 52 yrs old, Kelantan
I was admitted to the emergency ward due to severe high blood pressure. My 9 children were also facing various health problems, such as migraine, kidney problem and always felt sleepy during the class. After only one month of drinking Alka Plus water, the problems of my children and I have been overcome! We feel so lucky to have this marvelous product!
Rokiah Ali, 44 yrs old, Selangor
I suffered from hypertension (180/ 100 mmHg), dizziness, numbness in my left hand, pain in my neck, shoulders, chest, back and knees as well as varicose veins. After drinking Alka Plus water for 1 month, I feel relieved and my health condition has improved gradually (blood pressure reduced to 150/ 100 mmHg and the other health problems stated above have disappeared)!
Hamiza Bunyamin, 36 yrs old, JB
Previously, my son suffered from asthma which normally requires us to
take him to a clinic for treatment. After about 7 months of drinking Alka Plus water, he no longer needs to use the inhaler.
Suppaiah A/L Perumal, 56 yrs old, Shah Alam
I have undergone surgery in my right leg in which some part of the bone has been removed and substituted by metal plate. I took a lot of pain-killer because of leg pain. If I did not take it, I couldn't even go out of my house. As a consequence, I suffered from gastric pain and need to take gastric medicine. After drinking Alka Plus water, gastric pain has reduced. Recently I have stopped taking gastric medicine for 2 weeks without any interference of gastric problem. Now I have also stopped taking the pain-killer. Alka Plus water really deserved praise!

Hindun Bt Zahair, 45 yrs, Selangor
I was always feeling tired, hard to wake up in the morning and facing difficulty to urinate. After drinking Alka Plus water, I feel relax and become more hardworking as well as get rid from the problem of urination. Besides that, my legs and knees aches have also been relieved.

Sundakumari a/p Rengasamy, 55 yrs, Shah Alam
I was suffering from body aches when waking up in the morning. After drinking Alka Plus water for 2 weeks, I no longer face this problem. I feel fresh every morning and become more energetic!

Samsudin Bin Dollah, 73 yrs, Selangor
I was facing the problems of hemorrhoids, gout and eyes pain, whereas my wife was suffering from migraine, hypertension and paralysis (one side of the body). After drinking Alka Plus water, the health condition of my wife and I have improved and we are more energetic!


Hazarie Bin Ismail, 47 yrs, Kedah
After drinking Alka Plus water for 3 weeks, my blood pressure drops from 175/110mmHg to 130/80mmHg. Besides that, I can sleep better because I no longer need to wake up to urinate. Furthermore, muscle (calves) and back pain have disappeared.

Lee Yoke Wah, 36 yrs, Klang
Since 2 years ago I had been suffering from soles and calves pain when I started to walk after waking up from sleep. After drinking Alka Plus water, not only has the pain reduced, but lots of blister beside my soles has also disappeared.

Nik Abdullah bin Harun, 62 yrs, Kelantan
After drinking Alka Plus water, my bowel movement is more regular and my stool is soft and yellowish. After 10 days, my blood glucose level had reduced from 14.7mmol/L to 8.4mmol/L. My eyes no longer feel painful and watery. I feel fresh, happy and can walk a longer distance.

Hj Arifin Hj Ahmad, 57 yrs, K.L.
I was admitted to hospital due to dengue fever. After being discharged from the hospital, I still felt weak and my whole body was aching. On the second day after drinking Alka Plus water, my joints and body pain disappeared totally.